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Imagine an online shopping experience where you walk down the catwalk with that look like they were made to measure. Try on whatever you want and then share the experience with those who matter. Once you experience the innovation we think shopping online will never be the same again!


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TryMee, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Hungary, has created an innovative solution to the challenges and frustrations of shopping online for clothes and accessories, one that revolutionizes and personalizes your online shopping experience.

As the new ambassador of Fit Technology aimed at both men and women, TryMee solved these challenges through 3D face and/or full body scanning where your shape, color and every detail is captured with accuracy. Your avatar is then created so you are ready to “try” different clothes on and then purchase them – all in comfort of one single application. This highly personalized platform allows you to actually see whether an item fits you (and suits you) through your personal customized avatar.

Once you experience the innovation we think shopping online will never be the same again!


Your avatar, your face

Create the perfect virtual alter ego and experience a new era of the high tech catwalk. See yourself moving in 3D anywhere and anytime and make the most out of shopping for clothes online.

Dress for your body shape

Does this skirt match? Those jeans for my legs? Stop asking these questions and let TryMee help you make the right decisions. Just choose your body type, input your measurements and try the clothes on.
And when in doubt share the photo and let your friends see it on you.

Fitting room

You can find a variety of fitting room options to suit most situations. So go ahead and choose the place you like the most: the catwalk of a fashion week, a party in the city, a cozy room with perfect lighting or simply your own wardrobe.


We at TryMee believe in the joy of giving. Our designers are offering their newest collections for any occasion in every size, color and style. Surprise your loved ones with the newest pieces and always dress for success.




Precise bespoke (custom) tailoring
– The ultimate way to make your designs shine out.

With fewer returns TryMee offers you
the perfect solution to improve the efficiency of your business.

Retain more customers through increasing trust
and loyalty by engaging shoppers and meeting their exact needs.

Analyzing customer behavior: turn raw data into effective planning
for your marketing and the business as a whole.


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